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The very last days of 2017 is here and it's about time to post this year's Top 10 travel photos. The highlight of this year's travelling is of course my first ever visit to Australia with my wife and at that time 7 months old daughter. This trip alone could easily fill the whole top list with great photos that was generated during three weeks down under. 

Having a child doesn't mean you have to stop travelling which I first thought, for us it only meant that we chose our destinations more careful to suit all our needs. In fact the travel year of 2017 has been one of my very best travelling years so far. Apart from Australia, the destinations included a great road trip in the Eastern Europe covering around ten countries and also three classic sun destinations, Gran Canaria, Nice and Malta.

I hope the travel year of 2018 will be just as good as the one we are leaving behind with new destinations and experiences. Two intercontinental trips are already booked for the coming year and it will most probably be more in the planning phase. Until then enjoy my Top 10 travel photos!
Happy New Year!

Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House,  Australia

Lake Skadar Horseshoe Bend, Montenegro

St Mark's Church in Zagreb, Croatia

Koala in eucalyptus tree at Victoria, Australia

Maltese balconies at Valletta, Malta

Stari Most in Mostar, Bosnia and Hercegovina

Sand dunes at Maspalomas, Gran Canaria

Blue Grotto, Malta

Hvar Island, Croatia

St Kilda Pier in Melbourne, Australia

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Back in Scandinavia after a four week long stay in Toulouse and the flight training to become an Airbus pilot. The days went by really fast and the few hours left of the day was mostly spent in the room to study. When time and weather allowed I treated myself with some photo opportunities in Toulouse of course. 

The top sights of Toulouse are mainly concentrated to the old city centre and within easy walking distance. The number one on my list is a bit further out from downtown though and it would be unfair not to choose the Aeroscopia Aeronautical Museum and Toulouse Blagnac Airport.

Here it is, my top 5 list of what to photograph during your stay in Toulouse!

1. Aeroscopia Aeronautical Museum/Toulouse Blagnac Airport

If being an aviation enthusiast or not, you just have to visit the Aeroscopia Museum to have a look of all historic aircraft on display there. The highlight is of course the former Air France Concorde, try to be creative and get some rare angles of this beautiful aircraft.

Toulouse Blagnac Airport is also home to Airbus and several assembly lines of its aircraft family. Spend some hours around the airport and you will definitely be able to photograph when Airbus performing test flights. Are you really lucky you will even see the biggest passenger aircraft ever built, the Airbus A380, or the brand new Airbus A350-1000 or even the transporter aircraft which looks like a Beluga.

2. Victor Hugo Marché

The French food is widely recognised world wide and at this centrally located market, you will see all kind of delicacies and odd ingredients this cuisine has to offer. Be there early in the morning to be able to shoot most of the fresh goods before they are sold and  to experience the hectic commerce.

3. Basilica of Saint-Sernin

There is several buildings in the old city centre of Toulouse which is well worth a photo. Many of the buildings seems to originate from the same era and are similar in design with its "pink" brick and high towers. The Basilica of Saint-Sernin is my favourite and is also on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. 

4. Le Pont Neuf

A beautiful old bridge over Garonne River which looks especially good during the golden light or during night. There is several other beautiful buildings along the walking path at the riverfront which can be added to the scene if you got a wide angle lens.

5. Old City Centre

A walk through the old city centre of Toulouse and its small cobbled streets give perfect opportunities for photos almost anywhere. This one is from Rue de Taur with the Église Notre-Dame du Taur and its towers.

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No update on the blog for a while and there is of course a reason for that. Right now and during the last couple of weeks I have been down in Toulouse in the southern France at the Air bus Training Center. On behalf of my employer Scandinavian Airlines, I am doing a type rating course for the Airbus A320 family aircraft that gradually replace the Boeing 737 fleet in the airline. In this case the training is located on site at the Airbus very own Training Center at the Toulouse Blagnac Airport. A full type rating consists of approximately six weeks of training including theoretical course, sessions in an aircraft procedure trainer and full flight simulator.

Airbus is the biggest employer in Toulouse of course and around 21.000 people are employed at this site. The airliner manufacturer houses facilities and assembly lines all around the airport perimeter. All different aircraft types are assembled here like the A320, A330, A350 and giant A380 double decker.

What to do in Toulouse while having a little of spare time? Of course Airbus has taken the opportunity to make business out of letting people visit the assembly lines and showing the process how to assembly an aircraft. You can join the A380 and/or the A350 tour which give you and insight of the construction process as well as a round tour on the production site within the airport perimeter. Unfortunately you are not allowed to take any photos during the tour and the same restriction apply for the training. It's still very interesting of course and I can truly recommend the tours.

Anyhow the tours begin at the north side of the airport at the Musée Aeroscopia which you must visit in connection with your Airbus tour. Here you will find the history of aviation and the history of Airbus itself with one of the very first prototypes of Airbus first aircraft, the Airbus A300. Inside the huge hangar you will also see several other smaller aircraft but there is also one of the bigger, the old Super Guppy. This aircraft was used to transport the different parts such as wings, fuselages etc. between the different production sites in Europe for the final assembly. This aircraft has now been replaced by the Beluga, named after the whale due its look alike appearance. The highlight of the museum is actually outside where you can see the most beautiful airliner ever created the supersonic Concorde in full Air France livery. There is also an old Caravelle and Airbus newly produced military aircraft, the A400M. 

You can't visit Toulouse without making a visit to Let's Visit Airbus and the Musée Aeroscopia, two combined tours plus a visit to the exhibition takes about five hours.
More of Toulouse is coming up later on the blog, enjoy some the aircraft which can be seen in the exhibition hangar until then!

The first aircraft manufactured by Airbus, the A300, on display in the hangar.

The Airbus Skylink, Super Guppy, together with some other historical aircraft.

The Concorde prototype on display inside the hangar

The tail fin of the prototype Concorde inside the hangar

The Super Guppy on a closeup

The engines of the superonic Concorde

The Airbus Skylink, Super Guppy, together with some other historical aircraft.

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