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The travel year is about to end and it has been a great travel year even though the destinations have been limited in numbers. Anyhow nothing beats an african safari and a Top 10 of 2016 could easily be filled with only photos of the african wildlife. To add some variety to the list, Dubai has some beautiful photos from architectural  point of view and an unforgettable road trip in Norway add both city views and beautiful nature scenes to the list. Enjoy!

Looking forward to another great year of travel photography!

The colorful bathingboxes at Muizenburg outside Cape Town, South Africa

The Burj Khalifa in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The Trolls Road, Norway

The Palm Jumeirah with beautiful Atlantis, United Arab Emirates

The Baker Street subway station, London

The Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Leopard in Kruger National Park, South Africa

The beautiful Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

A penguin cub at Boulders Beach, South Africa

The Old Town with Bakklandet and Nidelva in Trondheim, Norway

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Tripadvisor has just announced the 2015 Travelers Choice Top 25 destinations in the world! It's a truly impressive list with a great selection of destinations to visit next, the problem is probably which one to choose!

The first place was taken by London, United Kingdom followed by Istanbul, Turkey. These two top positions have already a gallery here at Aviantex website where you can get inspiration for your next visit. The third position Marrakech, Morocco is still on the bucket list and hopefully will be visited in the very near future.

There is actually quite many of the top destinations from the Traveler Choice list which already got a gallery here at the Aviantex website and if not some of them are on the way to get uploaded or otherwise hopefully will be visited soon!

For the full list of the Top 25 Destinations just click the image below.

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The spring is coming and if you haven't booked your spring weekend yet, it's about time. Are you thinking about a weekend in Amsterdam you better hurry finding a hotel  in downtowm since the tulip blossoming coincide with the King's Day in late april with a lot of people coloring the streets in orange.  

Apart from great and interesting food in trendy restaurants all around Amsterdam you just have to take a canal cruise and visit some of the interesting museums. A visit to Keukenhof just outside Amsterdam to see all kind of different colored tulips up close is another must do. Don't forget to rent a bike and go for a ride around the surrounding tulip fields which is just an amazing experience. 

Another recommendation outside Amsterdam is to catch the regional train for a 15 minutes trip to Zaandam for another bike tour. This is more like the old Netherlands with beautiful villages by the canals and historic windmills. It's also here In Zaandam by the train station you find the beautiful but totally different Inntel Hotel which is an attraction and given photo spot in itself! 

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The southern tip of Africa is home to a nation on the rise after its dark apartheid history many thanks to the great african leader Nelson Mandela. The modern South Africa has launched a range of strategic initiatives to accelerate development and growth that will benefit the entire population and defeat poverty.

The country is a place with warm-spirited people, vibrant cities and breathtaking landscapes which everyone has to experience. The impressive african wildlife is of course one of the true highlights which is best experienced either at the Kruger National Park or at private game reserves around other parts of the country. Great food and tasty wines are two other good reasons why South Africa should be your next destination!

Have a look and get inspired by South Africa!

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NY Times has released a list of the 52 places to go in 2016. My own home county of Skåne in Sweden is placed as number 9 on the list. Trying to be objective is quite hard when talking about your home but Skåne sure does has a lot to offer.

It's not just all about the great food served in trendy or classic restaurants in the cities, there is of course a lot more to see and experience in Skåne. Beautiful nature and interesting wildlife in our national parks like Söderåsen, historical monuments and buildings like Ales Stenar and Kärnan and more modern landmarks like Turning Torso and the Öresund bridge just to name a few. The best time to experience Skåne if you really want to see something special is late spring when the rapeseed fields color the whole county in yellow!

Want to get inspired for a visit to the beautiful Skåne just click on photo below.

The full list of the ranked destinations can be seen here:
52 Places to Go in 2016

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