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The travel year is about to end and it has been a great year with many new destinations.
This year covering several countries in Africa and Asia and some of the capitals in Europe but as you can see there is a lot to experience back home in the Nordic countries as well. Here is the very best photos of the travel year of 2015 and hopefully next year will be just as good!

Happy new year!

The Golden Mount - Wat Saket in Bangkok, Thailand

Auschwitz, Poland

The colorful landscape of Landmannalaugar, Iceland

Ice sculptures at the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden
Tulip fields just outside Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Beautiful fjord landscape outside Stavanger, Norway

The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe in Berlin, Germany

A lion in Chobe National Park, Botswana

Windmills and yellow rape seed fields in the county of Scania, Sweden

The Victoria Falls between Zambia and Zimbabwe
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Merry Christmas from Sweden and the very famous Christmas Goat in Gävle!

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The year of 2015 marks fifty years of independence and Singapore has celebrated its success with style throughout the year. From being just a small port city back in the days, the tiny state has transformed into a global trade hub and a financial powerhouse.

The small country is located in the very southern tip of continental Asia and just north of the equator, which makes it a perfect destination all year round with its humid and warm climate. The country itself is small and comprises of a diamond-shaped main island together with more than 60 smaller islets. The nickname "Little Red Dot" refers to the size of the small country as seen on the world map but Singapore is often called the Garden City or the Lion City which is the meaning of the original name - Singapura. The icon of the city is called "Merlion" with a body of a fish and a head of a lion to trace it roots as a fishing village and the lion city. The big concrete statue guards the bay area and inlet to Singapore River and is a given attraction to visit.

This area is also the most modern with the impressive Marina Bay Sands Hotel and Gardens by the Bay. The older colonial parts of Singapore has also a lot to offer with Boat Quay and the classic Raffles Hotel. It's in the Long Bar at Raffles Hotel where you can order the traditional Singapore Sling drink and strangely be prompted to throw peanut shells on the floor!

Follow the link or click on the photo below to have a look of the full gallery of Singapore and get inspired for a visit to this unique city!
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The autumn is here with excellent opportunities for great photography with the low standing sun and beautiful colors. A weekend in Oslo and a visit to Vigelandsparken will surely give you some great shots or why not to take a hike as the locals do in the weekend. The mighty Pulpit Rock outside Stavanger is well worth a visit but you better hurry before the snow starts falling.

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If you want to visit the paradise, French Polynesia is probably one of the best places to spend a great vacation or even a honeymoon. In the middle of South Pacific you find Tahiti, the main island, and an archipelago of paradise islands. It's also here you find the perfect honeymoon destination of Bora Bora. Have a look of the newly added photos of French Polynesia!

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Welcome to the new Aviantex Travel Photography website! In this online showroom for travel photography you will find photos from all around the world. Aviation has its very own spot here as well and fits perfectly into to travel photography genre, at least when going intercontinental!

The website will be continously updated with new countries and categories. Already now there is a lot more coming in as you can see on the arrival board and more trips are coming up! Hopefully you will find inspiration both to visit the countries I have visited so far and to make use of my experiences in travel photography. A photo guide covering useful hints will be online soon.

Once again, welcome to my new website!

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